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No Ordinary Day


No Ordinary Day shares stories and insights about exercising our creative capacity throughout our lives, each and every day.

My work has been realized through partnerships with artists and designers and I have learned from them and by how they view and engage with the world. These partnerships resulted in a variety of programs, products, events, media, exhibitions and publications about art, design and the creative process. My role was the catalyst, the producer and the bridge builder between creative professionals and people who have never felt invited in.

We should all have opportunities to exercise our creative capacity each day. Innovation, “can-do,” and self-reliance define the core of creativity and character. They are as important to the foundation of our society as literacy, free speech and freedom of religion. However, skills and tools relevant to visual literacy and creativity are rarely given currency in our schools, the business community and civic leadership.

Developing our creative capacity is the “low ripe fruit” for the 21st century.

I have often told my interns and staff, “You are the only common denominator of your experiences and interests. Only you can make sense of it all to shape your way in this world.” No Ordinary Day represents my response to my own advice.

No Ordinary Day shares big and small ways that my life has been enriched by the experiences I have shared and the insights, strategies and lessons I have learned from the art and design world. No Ordinary Day invites everyone – individuals, schools, communities – to exercise their creative capacity each and every day.

Dorthy Dunn

May 25, 2013