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America: Now and Here

America: Now and Here is a cross-country journey of art and ideas led by the artist Eric Fischl in partnership with artists across America. Essential to the America: Now and Here mission is to share art with communities large and small to ignite creativity, to launch thoughtful dialogue, and to inspire a bold vision for our shared future.

America: Now and Here will be presented as a national road trip, reaching diverse communities from cities and rural towns to college campuses and military bases, many remote from major cultural institutions. Ultimately delivered by four tractor-trailers that will unfold, ANH offers an experience unlike any traditional arts venue – it is cross-disciplinary and participatory, featuring an integration of visual art, plays, poetry, film, and music.

As Director and Deputy Director, Dorothy Dunn and Allen Prusis developed and produced content for the project (including installations, programs, visitor experience, films, publications, and products) and managed the planning of trucks.

A great overview of what we did in Kansas City is here:

There are many posts about the entire project on the web site:

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